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Watch Labia Majoraplasty Lecture

Watch Labia Majoraplasty Lecture

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Labia Majoraplasty Lecture

Module S16 - Core Labiaplasty $4000 • 1h 9m

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  • Labia Majoraplasty with Fat Pad Reduc...

    Full-Length Video details the steps of Labia Majoraplasty with Fat Pad Reduction for Camel Toes. All steps from Predictive Permeation/DEP, local anesthesia, markings, incision, fat pad reduction, layered closure, and sutureless Labia Minor Feathering are highlighted. The vital suturing techniqu...

  • Clitoral Hood Reduction Techniques

    This is a slightly longer version of video #18. It is a Core video on how to perform both the traditional Lateral Clitoral Hood Reduction and the Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction techniques under local anesthesia developed by Dr. Red Alinsod.

  • Lateral Clitoral Hood Reduction

    Dr. Alinsod’s Core classic technique is described in detail. This sped up video shows the local anesthesia placed, the markings, incision, excision, and layered “Bottom Up/Town Down” suturing performed. The Bridge Concept is shown and the “Inflection” goal pointed out. The Frenular Crease is d...