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  • Vaginoplasty

    This video is a short segment of LNS1 v1 Live Narrated Vaginoplasty 101 with CHR, Grooving, Feathering Resurfacing, Q-Tip, O-Shot 4K. It only covers the details of a vaginoplasty and perineoplasty including the markings, anesthesia, Pudendal and Levator Blocks details. This patient does not hav...

  • Vaginal Softening Exercises

    This essential Core video is for patients to view before and after surgeries involving the posterior compartment and perineum. It is intended to show the patient how to soften and provide skin flexibility to reduce and eliminate post op pain from scars or from menopausal changes such as GSMspecif...

  • Unified Approach Labia Majoraplasty &...

    This video demonstrates the removal of both lateral clitoral hood and labia majora together as one specimen and is called the “Unified Approach.” It can be performed in conjunction with a labia minoraplasty. It is an excellent way to achieve a contouring effect on the vulvar structures. Other ...