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Table Height

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    An inexpensive way to set up to do labiaplasty surgery in the office is demonstrated. Basic equipment, sterile towels, radiosurgical tools are displayed. Proper table height, patient leg support, surgeon elbow support is stressed for an ergonomic surgery. This is a Core video to view before pe...

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    Dr. Alinsod has taught In-Office, Awake, NO-IV labiaplasty for almost two decades. This is a CORE video demonstrating his technique taught to hundreds of his graduates. Labia Minoraplasty and Lateral Curvilinear Clitoral Hood Reduction markings are taught. There is anatomy review, guidance on ...

  • A Incisions Steps

    This Core stop motion photography video explains the “A” Incision technique developed by Dr. Alinsod to prevent the formation of Dog Ears. Radiofrequency is used for precision excisions below the clitoral hood and just lateral to the clitoris. This video shows the Lateral A Incision only.