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Watch Labia Majoraplasty with Radiofrequency Feathering

Watch Labia Majoraplasty with Radiofrequency Feathering

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Labia Majoraplasty with Radiofrequency Feathering

Module S10 - Labia Workshop - $25000 • 5m 33s

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  • The Vampire Wing Lift

    The Vampire Wing Lift is the injection of PRP mixed with Hyaluronic acid into the labia majora to increase volume and reduce the appearance of sagging. This procedure was initially described and developed by Dr. Charles Runels and is part of his Vampire Procedures taught worldwide. This video c...

  • Clitoral Hood Reduction Techniques

    This is a slightly longer version of video #18. It is a Core video on how to perform both the traditional Lateral Clitoral Hood Reduction and the Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction techniques under local anesthesia developed by Dr. Red Alinsod.

  • Vampire Wing Lift with O-Shot

    This patient suffers from Orgasmic Dysfunction and labia majora laxity. She does not want surgical labia majoraplasty. The video illustrates both a radiofrequency treatment to increase the density of the small nerve fibers to help with sensitivity and as well as an O-Shot to increase local bloo...