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Watch Vaginal Softening Exercises

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Vaginal Softening Exercises

Module S4 - Perineoplasty - $4500 • 2m 39s

Up Next in Module S4 - Perineoplasty - $4500

  • Perineoplasty and Excision of Externa...

    This segment of an extended video concentrates only on the perineoplasty and removal of an external anal skin tag as part of a full labial reduction surgery. It is a Core video. The anal skin tag is excised and sutured and not vaporized. The commentary is live and in real time during a trainin...

  • Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty Equipm...

    An inexpensive way to set up to do vaginoplasty surgery in the office is demonstrated. Basic equipment, sterile towels, radiosurgical tools, Lone Star Retractor are displayed. Proper table height, patient leg support, surgeon elbow support is stressed for an ergonomic surgery. This is a Core v...

  • Small Perineoplasty

    This video shows the repair of birth trauma stretching and tears with a perineoplasty that does not go deep into the vaginal canal like a rectocele repair. This is done mostly for improved appearance, lengthening the perineal body, and to get a modest increase in entry friction.