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Watch Feathering Resurfacing Revision

Watch Feathering Resurfacing Revision

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Feathering Resurfacing Revision

Module S7 Botched Feathering Revision Surg - $3500 • 17m

Up Next in Module S7 Botched Feathering Revision Surg - $3500

  • Feathering Revision to Barbie Look, V...

    A 4 year journey of Feathering and Resurfacing is documented along with revision surgery to smoothen ruffled labial edges. A Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction is also shown.

  • Feathering Revision Review

    This is the extended version of video Alinsod 14 Feathering Revision Morph v2. It is set to classical music and used by Dr. Alinsod to describe revision surgery using both excision and Feathering. At the end of the surgery a morph is put together to show the healing process. This video has been u...

  • Q-Tip Exercise to Prevent Agglutination

    This is a short video on how to use a Q-tip to prevent the agglutination and sticking of edges after Feathering Resurfacing surgery. Feathered and resurfaced areas have a tendency to stick together and can be painful when pulled on. This live video of showing a patient in real time how to keep ...