Module NS3 Predictive Permeation Face &GYN $1000

Module NS3 Predictive Permeation Face &GYN $1000

Predictive Permeation, formerly known as Dermoelectroporation, is a science that allows a device to open up the water channels of the skin to place both micro and macromolecules deep into the tissues. Dr. Alinsod pioneered it use for both gynecologic and aesthetic uses. He discusses and demonstrates what medical conditions it can help and what products can be pushed into the dermis. Includes teaching of the “Baby Face Facial” using amniotic fluid, use of collagen and hyaluronic acid, vulvar lightening with Vitamins C/A and Kojic acid, and local anesthetics placed deep under the skin.
Predictive Permeation (Module NS3) - $1000
1. Lecture #8 Predictive Permeation/DEP Steps, 25:12
2. Alinsod 11 The Ouchless O-Shot
3. #9 Vampire Facial
4. #10 Baby Face Facial, PP, DEP

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Module NS3 Predictive Permeation Face &GYN $1000
  • The Ouchless O-Shot

    This video demonstrates the use of energy (radiofrequency) with biologics (PRP plus Amniotic Fluid) together for conditions such as orgasmic dysfunction, OAB, and reduced sensitivity. Predictive Permeation, aka DEP or Dermoelectroporation, is used to push these biologics under the skin of the vu...

  • Predictive Permeation for Gynecology

  • Vampire Facial: Microneedling and Predictive Permeation

    The video starts with instructions on how to collect and prepare blood to obtain PRP. The collection of blood, centrifugation of blood, and collection of PRP is shown. The face is then treated first with radiofrequency to tighten the skin and encourage new collagen and fibrin formation from fib...

  • The Baby Face Facial Predictive Permeation

    The placement of Amniotic Fluid under the skin instead of PRP for use as the biologic, to give the skin that special glow, is called the “Baby Face Facial.” In this video we use Predictive Permeation to open the water channels to push collagen and amniotic fluid deep under the skin similar to th...