Module P - Gynecologic Photography

Module P - Gynecologic Photography

Success in an aesthetic gynecologic practice depends greatly on having superb photos of your work. You are only as good as your photography as the patient sees it. Dr. Alinsod shares his lifelong experience in photography in an easy to understand manner to enable you to integrate amazing and consistent photos into your practice day in and day out. You will learn about equipment, set up, how to obtain consent, how to talk to a patient and ease their anxieties, and how to show your work to your worldwide audience on your website in a professional manner.
Gynecologic Photography (Module P) - $1,000

1. Lecture: #0 Gynecologic Photographty for Dummies, 42:18
2. Non-Surgical Videos Narrated: Alinsod 10 Gyn Photography, 09:05
3. Non-Surgical Videos Narrated: Alinsod 10 3D Photography, 2:32

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Module P - Gynecologic Photography
  • Gynecologic Photography: The Basics (Live Model)

    This is the end segment of #0 Gynecologic Photography for Dummies Lecture. Dr. Alinsod goes through the entire photography sequence for those who want to review the steps with a live model without the PowerPoint lecture.

  • Gynecologic Photography for Dummies

    This is a Core Lecture. The importance of learning how to take high quality Before and After pictures is stressed. Equipment and practical in-office setup are shown. Step-by-step practical skills are demonstrated and discussed. The entire process is shown with a real-time real-world patient f...

  • 3D Photography with Vectra

    Single Shot 3D photography with the Vectra system is shown. This simple technique makes the process of viewing the surgical site in various angles with a single photograph astounding and will make 2D photography obsolete once the costs are comparable. This is a short Core lecture that augments ...