Module S6 - Hymenoplasty - $5500

Module S6 - Hymenoplasty - $5500

The controversial social issues dealing with the hymen are discussed in depth and the types of repairs are shown in both lecture PowerPoints, photos, and videos. Various techniques are covered including Dr. Alinsod’s “Pillar Technique” that he has taught for almost two decades. The Dr. Alinsod’s videos are eye level with the viewer feeling as if they were the ones performing the surgery. The videos are clear, concise, and practical. Note: Additional content will be coming soon, and will be available with the purchase of this module. Certificate of Completion.
Hymenoplasty (Module S6) - $5,500

1. Lectures: #3 Hymenoplasty Lecture 2020 with Voiceover Large File, 01:14:16
2. Surgical Videos Narrated: #16 Final – Hymenoplasty, 18:47
3. AIAVS Fellows Video 48, Live Narrated Hymenoplasty Pillar Technique, 37:44
4. AIAVS Video 72, Live Narrated Hymenoplasty Pillar Technique, 28:34
5. AIAVS Fellows Video 18, Live Narrated Hymenectomy, 07:01
6. AIAVS Fellows Video 19, Live Narrated Removal of Hymeneal Remnants, 08:50
7. Non-Surgical Videos Narrated: #22 Final Excision of Hymeneal Remnants, 05:21

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Module S6 - Hymenoplasty - $5500
  • Hymenoplasty

    This Core Video tackles the sensitive and delicate topic of hymen repair surgery with a video tutorial. Thesimple yet elegant surgical video of Dr. Alinsod’s tried and true “Pillar Technique” is shown in great detail from start to finish to the post op time frame.This is a Core video.

  • Hymenoplasty Lecture

    This Core Lecture tackles the sensitive and delicate topic of hymen repair surgery. It begins with a broad historical overview, current societal and cultural issues, and various methods of repairs that are both simple and refined used around the world. Dr. Alinsod also reviews methods used by t...