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Subscription Training Videos
  • FemXHA Preparation

  • FemXHA for Vampire Wing LIft

  • Perineoplasty, Wedge Labiaplasty Revision, Clitoral Hood Reduction, and O-shot

  • Cosmetic Gynecology for Academia: Renaissance of Hope

  • The Process Labiaplasty Start to Finish

    This Core live narrated video reviews the process from start to finishin great detail and is sped up 4x in many sections. It starts with 3D photography, demonstration of Predictive Permeation to numb vulvovaginal tissues, shows the equipment needed for surgery, the prep, the setup, the local anes...

  • Barbie and Hybrid Look Labiaplasty Steps

    This is The Core Lecture on Hybrid and Barbie Look Labiaplasty demonstrating Dr. Alinsod’s technique using radiosurgical tools for extreme precision. If you will only watch one of Dr. Alinsod’s labiaplasty videos this is the one to choose. A definite must-see discussion on how to find landmarks s...

  • Brazillian Hair Reduction with Sciton BBL

    Brazillian Hair Reduction treatment #5 for a post labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction patient. The Sciton BBL (IPL) device is used to comfortable reduce the irritating hairs that can occur on surgical suture lines of labiaplasty surgery patients.

  • Anatomy Posterior Animation

    Excellent Animated review of the Posterior Compartment

  • Barbie and Hybrid Look Labiaplasty Steps

    This is The Core Lecture on Hybrid and Barbie Look Labiaplasty demonstrating Dr. Alinsod’s technique using radiosurgical tools for extreme precision. If you will only watch one of Dr. Alinsod’s labiaplasty videos this is the one to choose. A definite must-see discussion on how to find landmarks...

  • Labiaplasty 101: Primer Aesthetic Gyneocologic Energy Based Devices & Biologics

    An extended Primer on Aesthetic Gynecology, Energy Based Devices, and Biologics. It includes the presentation Labiaplasty 101 that was given worldwide to introduce the topic of Cosmetic Gynecology for those with an interest in pursuing the field. The first half is historical background includin...

  • Pre Operative 3D Vectra Photography Predictive Permeation with Collagenizer Neo

    3D Photogaphy is demonstrated using the Vectra system. The Vitality Concepts Predictive Permeation device is then used to push micro and macromolecules under the skin without the need of needles. Topical BLT anesthetic cream, PRP, Exosomes, Amniotic Fluid, Collagen, HA are just some of the prod...

  • Barbie/Hybrid Labiaplasty for Asymmetry & Labia Majora RF Tighterning (Pelleve)

    This historical video from 2009 shows a Hybrid Labiaplasty followed by an RF tightening of the labia majora using the first RF device released in the United States, for surgical and non-surgical procedures,called the Ellman Pelleve. Dr. Alinsod created the first protocols for vulvovaginal RF use ...

  • Off-Site Traveling Preceptorship

    1.1. 5A Alinsod Off-Site Traveling Preceptorship 2 Min, 02:26
    1.1.1. Description: This video shows Dr. Alinsod training a surgeon in vaginoplasty/perineoplasty and labiaplasty surgery at their preferred location. Dr. Alinsod has trained surgeons worldwide.
    1.1.2. Keywords: Traveling, Traini...

  • Perineoplasty, Labia Majoraplasty, Barbie Labiaplasty, CHR, and O-Shot

    Patient with a very bulky vulvar anatomy wants a more comfortable and petite appearance. This video shows the proper sequence of surgery to perform. This is quite a radical and dramatic labiaplasty for properly selected patients. Clitoral hood contouring to reduce the size and asymmetry is sho...

  • Band Release

    This case covers a span of several years and illustrates what can happen when there is estrogen loss and menopausal changes in the vulvovaginal areas. In summary, the patient underwent both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty and did very well until years later when GSM resulted in a tight introitis, d...

  • A Incisions Steps

    This Core stop motion photography video explains the “A” Incision technique developed by Dr. Alinsod to prevent the formation of Dog Ears. Radiofrequency is used for precision excisions below the clitoral hood and just lateral to the clitoris. This video shows the Lateral A Incision only.

  • Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, Post Rep, MP, Barbie LP, CHR, Anal Skin Tag

    A combination surgery is performed to narrow the vaginal canal and improve the vulvar appearance. The Lone Star Retractor is used to allow visualization for the office vaginoplasty and perineoplasty. The labia majoraplasty is performed in the standard manner with inclusion of some lateral clito...

  • Labia Majoraplasty with Fat Pad Removal

    This is the original video used in my on-site training programs and shown worldwide on how to do a Labia Majoraplasty with Fat Pad Removal and how ot manage the Camel Toes. My thinking process is verbalized and you can hear how I make decisions. Many pearls and secrets are shared in this video ...

  • Feathering Resurfacing Revision

    This Core video demonstrates the essential skills of Feathering and Resurfacing done for revision surgery. A definite Must See Video. Radiofrequency feathering is precise and able to smooth, carve, and shrink tissues. Most Botched Labiaplasty surgeries with irregular edges, dog ears, and asymm...

  • Transvaginal Uterine Suspension: Pelvic Reconstruction with Dermal Augmentation

    This patient suffered from stress incontinence and prolapse of both the bladder, uterus, and rectum. This O.R. surgery started with a transoburator sling, then an anterior repair with dermal allograft, sacrospinous uterine suspension, then a rectocele/perineocele repair and perineoplasty, This ...

  • ThermiVa

    Standard ThermiVa treatment of the labia majora and vaginal canal with Dr. Alinsod describing the procedural steps and techniques. No lecture.Strictly the steps on how to do it.

  • Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, Barbie Labiaplasty, CHR, Anal Skin Tag, & Thermi-O

    This complex combination surgery shows the correct order and detailed steps to achieve a Barbie Look Labiaplasty when done in conjunction with a Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty and Anal Skin Tag Excision and Thermi-O treatment. RF vaporization of external anal skin tags is shown with guidance of ...

  • Feathering Revision to Barbie Look, Vertical CHR: A Four Year Journey

    A 4 year journey of Feathering and Resurfacing is documented along with revision surgery to smoothen ruffled labial edges. A Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction is also shown.

  • Rim Labiaplasty, Clitoral Hood Reduction, and Perineoplasty

    The patient complains of a gaping and wide vaginal opening and wants a modest reduction of her labia. Described and shown is an in-office conservative Rim labiaplasty and wide clitoral hood reduction and perineoplasty with local anesthesia. Layered suturing is shown.