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  • Management of Labial Scalloping and Scars with Feathering and Shaving

    Management of Labial Scalloping and Scars with Feathering and Shaving
    AIAVS Fellows Video 155 - Live narrated
    aiavs_fellows_video_155,_live_narrated_management_of_labial_scalloping_and_scars_with_feathering_and_shaving_short (720p)

  • The Unified Approach Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, Majoraplasty

    #35 The Unified Approach and Gynflix Intro SREG 2023 15 Min
    The Unified Approach Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, Majoraplasty, Barbie Look Minoraplasty, and Clitoral Hood Reduction for Radical Change

  • Alinsod 24 FemXHA Preparation

    Alinsod 24 FemXHA Preparation

  • Marketing: How To Build Instant Authority ISCG 2023

    Marketing: Lori Werner of Medical Marketing Whiz teaches How To Build Instant Authority. Presentation given at ISCG 2023 Get in front of 1000s of New Patients instantly, and get the respect and recognition you deserve

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    A Comprehensive Library of Professional / Medical Articles / White Papers / Case Studies. The articles are available for viewing.however, we are in the process of organizing the materials for ease of search.

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    Dr. Alinsod has given live seminars and webinars on various cosmetic gynecology & women's issues. These recorded webinars are available with the subscription.

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    Included in your subscription is this Professional-level newsletter - Sharing 30 years of Cosmetic Gynecology pearls from the Alinsod Institute.
    "Well, I am finally going to do it. I am sharing my 30+ years of experience with the world about my journey into Cosmetic Gynecology. I am going to get ...

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    Subscribers may interact with each other in this FORUM. Discussions among member physicians.- Question, Topics of Interest can be explored with other experts in the field.

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    One Hour Zoom Meetings every two months, called Alinsod Live, will allow the subscriber to ask questions ahead of time and have Dr. Alinsod personally answer questions and share his experience and knowledge. It will be a group format so sharing will be encouraged and expertise from around the wo...