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Watch this video and more on AIAVS GYNFLIX

Watch this video and more on AIAVS GYNFLIX

Up Next in Module S5 - Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty - $8000

  • Small Perineoplasty Prior to Labiaplasty

    Detailed video on Perineoplasty performed before a complex labial surgery. Anesthesia, markings, excision, and layered sutureing are shown. This is the key step to start a complex case. Almost always perform the perineoplasty first with or without a vaginoplasty then proceed to the labial surg...

  • Band Release

    This case covers a span of several years and illustrates what can happen when there is estrogen loss and menopausal changes in the vulvovaginal areas. In summary, the patient underwent both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty and did very well until years later when GSM resulted in a tight introitis, d...

  • Perineoplasty and Dehiscence Repair

    Perineal breakdown is the most common location of a wound dehiscence after posterior repairs, vaginoplasties, and perineoplasties. This video shows the initial perineoplasty, the subsequent breakdown, and the repair.