Module S5 - Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty - $8000

Module S5 - Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty - $8000

This module is a much deeper dive that builds on Module S4 Perineoplasty. It is created for the gynecologist, urogynecologist, urologist, pelvic reconstructive surgeon. It shows how to identify the right patient for the more aggressive repairs deep in the pelvis by the ischial spines. It is ideal for those who take care of rectoceles and perineoceles in the operating room as this module will teach how to bring these into the office setting and how to perform them without an IV, on patients that are awake and comfortable. In depth instructions on pre op, intra op, and post op management are tackled. Careful measurements, markings, suturing, and use of Exparel are carefully shown. Pudendal and levator blocks are clearly illustrated and shown by photographs and live videotaped surgeries. Certificate of Completion.
Vaginoplasty (Module S5) - $8,000
Includes All of Perineoplasty Module S4
Includes All of External Anal Skin Tag Reduction Module S14

1. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS8 v3 Vaginoplasty/Perineoplasty Equipment, Set Up, and Draping, 17:22
2. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS6 v1 Live Narrated Table Height, 01:04
3. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS4 Live Narrated Small Perineoplasty, 24:07
4. Surgical Videso Narrated: LNS5 Small Perineoplasty Prior to Labiaplasty, 09:16
5. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS7 Perineoplasty and Excision of External Anal Skin Tags, 51:53
6. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS1 v3 Live Narrated Vaginoplasty, 55:35
7. AIAVS Fellows Video 34, Live Narrated Vaginoplasty, 01:14:47
8. AIAVS Fellows Videos 7, Posterior Repair, Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty, 01:11:22
9. AIAVS Fellows Video 10A, Live Narrated Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, Feathering Revision of Dog Ears, 01:58:42
10. AIAVS Fellows Video 11, Live Narrated Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, ThermiVa, O-Shot, Vampire Wing Lift, 01:46:08
11. Surgical Videos Review: Alinsod 4D Vaginoplasty & Feathering Revision, 15:56
12. Surgical Videos Review: Alinsod 4E Vaginoplasty Perineoplasty Review, 03:06
13. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS3 Live Narrated Perineoplasty and Dehiscence Repair, 01:10:21
14. Surgical Videos Review: Alinsod 6 Vaginal Softening Exercises, 02:39
15. Lectures: #5A Sutureless Band Release Lecture 2020 with Video, 45:57
16. Surgical Videos Narrated: #2 Final – Band Release, 10:42
17. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS2 Live Narrated Perineal Band Release for Dyspareunia Full Version, 24:03
18. AIAVS Fellows Video 12, Live Narrated Lone Star Retractor Use, Vaginoplasty with Perineoplasty, 01:42:49
19. AIAVS Fellows Video 33, Live Narrated RF Feathering of External Anal Skin Tags, 38:39
20. AIAVS Fellows Video 57, Live Narrated Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, TOT, A&P, VNew, 01:14:53
21. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS7 Perineoplasty and Excision of External Anal Skin Tags, 51:53
22. BONUS: Pelvic Reconstruction Videos
A: 1 Transvaginal Uterine Suspension and Pelvic Reconstruction with Dermis ISCG 2020, 14:44
B: 2 TOT, Cysto, Anterior Repair and Uterine Suspension with DermaPure ISCG 2021, 17:53
C: 3 Anterior Repair and Uterine Suspension with VNew Dermal Allograft, 01:13:37

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Module S5 - Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty - $8000
  • Vaginal Softening Exercises

    This essential Core video is for patients to view before and after surgeries involving the posterior compartment and perineum. It is intended to show the patient how to soften and provide skin flexibility to reduce and eliminate post op pain from scars or from menopausal changes such as GSMspecif...

  • Radiofrequency Feathering of External Anal Skin Tags

  • Perineoplasty and Excision of External Anal Skin Tags

    This segment of an extended video concentrates only on the perineoplasty and removal of an external anal skin tag as part of a full labial reduction surgery. It is a Core video. The anal skin tag is excised and sutured and not vaporized. The commentary is live and in real time during a trainin...

  • Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty Equipment, Set Up, and Draping

    An inexpensive way to set up to do vaginoplasty surgery in the office is demonstrated. Basic equipment, sterile towels, radiosurgical tools, Lone Star Retractor are displayed. Proper table height, patient leg support, surgeon elbow support is stressed for an ergonomic surgery. This is a Core v...

  • Small Perineoplasty

    This video shows the repair of birth trauma stretching and tears with a perineoplasty that does not go deep into the vaginal canal like a rectocele repair. This is done mostly for improved appearance, lengthening the perineal body, and to get a modest increase in entry friction.

  • Small Perineoplasty Prior to Labiaplasty

    Detailed video on Perineoplasty performed before a complex labial surgery. Anesthesia, markings, excision, and layered sutureing are shown. This is the key step to start a complex case. Almost always perform the perineoplasty first with or without a vaginoplasty then proceed to the labial surg...

  • Band Release

    This case covers a span of several years and illustrates what can happen when there is estrogen loss and menopausal changes in the vulvovaginal areas. In summary, the patient underwent both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty and did very well until years later when GSM resulted in a tight introitis, d...

  • Perineoplasty and Dehiscence Repair

    Perineal breakdown is the most common location of a wound dehiscence after posterior repairs, vaginoplasties, and perineoplasties. This video shows the initial perineoplasty, the subsequent breakdown, and the repair.

  • Sutureless Band Release Lecture

    Dr. Alinsod shows the principles and steps to Sutureless Band Release Surgery with RF from start to finish. RF energy is used to incise over the perineal and vaginal scars that are palpable and causing pain. This can be used to eliminate dyspareunia from a posterior repair or vaginoplasty or pe...

  • Perineal Band Release for Dyspareunia

    Posterior Repairs, Vaginoplasties, and Perineoplasties may result in too tight an introitus that can lead to painful intercourse. A new partner that is very broad can result in painful sex also. This patient requested a band release right at the opening of her vagina and we were able to use rad...

  • Vaginoplasty

    This video is a short segment of LNS1 v1 Live Narrated Vaginoplasty 101 with CHR, Grooving, Feathering Resurfacing, Q-Tip, O-Shot 4K. It only covers the details of a vaginoplasty and perineoplasty including the markings, anesthesia, Pudendal and Levator Blocks details. This patient does not hav...

  • Posterior Repair, Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, LMP, Barbie LP, CHR, & PRP/O-Shot

  • Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty

  • Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty Review

    This short historical review of a Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty is typically narrated by Dr. Alinsod live to his Fellows right before starting a similar surgery. It is intended to give a visual reference for learning the steps and anatomy prior to the live demonstration in the office.

  • Vaginoplasty and Feathering Revision

    A historical video from 2010 set to music with no narration. This vaginoplasty and Feathering Revision (aka Sutureless Labiaplasty) for a Botched Labiaplasty isused in Dr. Alinsod’s Preceptoship programs as he describesthe surgery live and in person to his Fellows. It remains an excellent video r...

  • Transvaginal Uterine Suspension: Pelvic Reconstruction with Dermal Augmentation

    This patient suffered from stress incontinence and prolapse of both the bladder, uterus, and rectum. This O.R. surgery started with a transoburatorsling, then an anterior repair with dermal allograft, sacrospinous uterine suspension, then a rectocele/perineocele repair and perineoplasty, This was...

  • TOT, Anterior Repair with Dermis, and Transvaginal Uterine Suspension

    This video was presented at the ISCG 2021 Congress and shows The Alinsod Methodfor placing a transobturator sling, using dermal allograft for the augmented cystocele repair and uterine suspension. The Lone Star Retractor and Digitex Suture Capture Device are highlighted. The video is narrated and...

  • Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty, Feathering Revision of Dog Ears