Module S7 Botched Feathering Revision Surg - $3500

Module S7 Botched Feathering Revision Surg - $3500

This module covers how to manage labial surgeries that have not gone according to plan or have healed up in an unsatisfactory manner. Dr. Alinsod’s Feathering Technique are highlighted in multiple cases. The management of complications and how to avoid them are also discussed at length with numerous photos and videos used to expand on concepts. Detailed description of each video is given.

**Module S1 must be completed prior to taking this Module.
Botched Revision Surgery (Module S7) - $3,500
Must have completed Module S1

1. Webinar: Botched Labiaplasty 101, 02:16:40
2. Lecture: #4 Incisionless LP with Feathering Resurfacing Revision, 04:42
3. Surgical Videos Narrated: #8 Final - Resurfacing Revision, 17:13
4. Surgical Videos Narrated: #A2 Final - Feathering Resurfacing Revision with Morph, 03:59
5. Surgical Videos Narrated: #17 Final - Feathering to Barbie, Vertical CHR, Perineo, 4 Year Journey, 29:14
6. Surgical Videos Narrated: #13 Final - Perineoplasty, Sutureless Labiaplasty with Feathering Resurfacing Revision, 39:50
7. Surgical Videos Narrated: #2 Final - Band Release, 10:48
8. Surgical Videos Review: Alinsod 7 Incisionless LP with Feathering Revision & Vertical CHR Short Version, 10:23
9. Surgical Videos Review: Alinsod 14 Feathering Revision, 03:39
10. Surgical Videos Narrated: #17 Final - Feathering to Barbie, Vertical CHR, Perineo, Journey, 29:14
11. AIAVS Fellows Video 71, Live Narrated Vertical CHR, Feathering, O-Shot, Vampire Wing Lift, 01:05:49
12. LNS17 Live Narrated Q-Tip Exercise after Feathering v2, 01:39
13. Surgical Videos Narrated: #20 Q-Tip Exercise, 01:38
14. AIAVS Video 31 Live Narrated Cliteropexy, Clitoral Hood Coverage, O-Shot, HD, 01:34:44
15. AIAVS Fellows Video 68, Live Narrated Anterior Repair with Dermis, Posterior Repair, Perineoplasty, Labiaplasty Revision, CHR, Excision of External Anal Skin Tags, 01:59:00
16. AIAVS Fellows Video 49, Live Narrated Feathering to a Barbie Look and Q-Tip Exercise, 01:01:42
17. LNS1 v2 Feathering and Grooving and CHR for Botched Labiaplasty, 01:24:50
18. LNS2 Perineal Band Release for Dyspareunia Full Version, 24:33

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Module S7 Botched Feathering Revision Surg - $3500
  • Perineoplasty, Sutureless Labiaplasty with Feathering Resurfacing Revision

    This Core video shows a detailed demonstration of the Feathering technique to smoothen edges of a “Botched Labiaplasty.” The precise layered technique and small perineoplasty are carefully described and shown.

  • Incisionless Labiaplasty with Feathering Revision & Vertical CHR

  • Cliteropexy, Clitoral Hood Coverage, and O-Shot

  • Band Release

    This case covers a span of several years and illustrates what can happen when there is estrogen loss and menopausal changes in the vulvovaginal areas. In summary, the patient underwent both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty and did very well until years later when GSM resulted in a tight introitis, d...

  • Perineal Band Release for Dyspareunia

    Posterior Repairs, Vaginoplasties, and Perineoplasties may result in too tight an introitus that can lead to painful intercourse. A new partner that is very broad can result in painful sex also. This patient requested a band release right at the opening of her vagina and we were able to use rad...

  • Incisionless Labiaplasty with Feathering Resurfacing Revision

    The video shows the principles and steps to Dr. Alinsod’s Feathering revision surgery with RF from start to finish. It is also called Incisionless Labiaplasty since the tissues are not cut but are shrunk and vaporized with radiofrequency energy. The pros and cons of the technique is discussed i...

  • Feathering Resurfacing Revision

    This Core video demonstrates the essential skills of Feathering and Resurfacing done for revision surgery. A definite Must See Video. Radiofrequency feathering is precise and able to smooth, carve, and shrink tissues. Most Botched Labiaplasty surgeries with irregular edges, dog ears, and asymmetr...

  • Feathering Revision to Barbie Look, Vertical CHR: A Four Year Journey

    A 4 year journey of Feathering and Resurfacing is documented along with revision surgery to smoothen ruffled labial edges. A Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction is also shown.

  • Feathering Revision Review

    This is the extended version of video Alinsod 14 Feathering Revision Morph v2. It is set to classical music and used by Dr. Alinsod to describe revision surgery using both excision and Feathering. At the end of the surgery a morph is put together to show the healing process. This video has been u...

  • Q-Tip Exercise to Prevent Agglutination

    This is a short video on how to use a Q-tip to prevent the agglutination and sticking of edges after Feathering Resurfacing surgery. Feathered and resurfaced areas have a tendency to stick together and can be painful when pulled on. This live video of showing a patient in real time how to keep ...

  • Botched Labiaplasty 101: Avoidance and Repair | The Alinsod Feathering Technique

    This video tackles the problems of unsatisfactory labial surgery, how to avoid them, and how to fix them. A large selection of various “Botched” labiaplasty cases are illustrated and discussed. Radiosurgical techniques are explained and shown for the repair of these difficult problems. Various...

  • Feathering Resurfacing Revision with Morph

    Unsatisfactory labiaplasties can occur even when done by the most experienced surgeon. This case shows a linear labiaplasty that had interruption of blood vessels resulting in improper healing. Shown is not a wedge labiaplasty breakdown. Feathering Resurfacing Revision was performed and then a...