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  • Labia Majoraplasty with Fat Pad Reduc...

    This short Introductory Video shows the basic steps of Labia Majoraplasty with Fat Pad Reduction for prominent majora and Camel Toes. It takes a glimpse of a Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction and Labia Minora Feathering. It is general in nature and not detailed.

  • Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, and O-Shot

    A vaginoplasty with Perineoplasty is performed for this lady suffering from laxity and lack of friction. Detailed pelvic floor dissection is shown. Suturing to reduce the vaginal diameter and adequate vaginal mucosa excision are demonstrated. An O-Shot is performed at the end as well as review...

  • Excision of Hymneneal Remnants

    Hymeneal remnants can be confused as venereal warts and be unsightly to patients and their partners. Excision of Hymeneal Remnants is a very common procedure that accompanies many vaginoplasties and perineoplasties. In this case presented Hymeneal Remnants were removed by radiosurgry as part of...