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ThermiVa for Gynecology

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  • Sola Therapy for Pelvic Pain

    Sola Therapy is the use of a wand that generates a warm infrared light that penetrates deep into vaginal tissue, increases blood flow, and helps healing of tissues resulting in reduction of pelvic pain. Treatments result in decreased inflammation and pain-signaling cytokines. This video describ...

  • The Vampire Wing Lift

    The Vampire Wing Lift is the injection of PRP mixed with Hyaluronic acid into the labia majora to increase volume and reduce the appearance of sagging. This procedure was initially described and developed by Dr. Charles Runels and is part of his Vampire Procedures taught worldwide. This video c...

  • Carboxytherapy for Gynecology - Short

    Presented is the short version of the original material on Carboxytherapy (#7 Carboxytherapy with CO2LiftV) from pioneer clinician and researcher Gustavo Leibashoff as shared and presented by Red Alinsod. The history of Caroxytherapy use is described from injected CO2 to the current gel now avai...