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    Total Access to all Content on Gynflix.com, including all special purchase Modules, Fellows Gold Membership, and Access to Dr. Alinsod

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    95 videos  |   Rent $29


    95 videos  |   Rent $29

    Sneak Peek short versions of the full length videos. These are surgical videos curated for the lay public to show progress from before, during, and after the surgery procedure.


    435 videos  |   Rent $2,376

    This includes all 3 Years of Fellow Gold Level Videos

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    2021 Fellows Subscription
    This unique and valuable service provides access to all future surgical and non-surgical videos and AIAVS Video materials. There will be 1-2 complete and unique videos per month. Dr. Alinsod will be available to discuss the intricacies and details of topics covered in th...

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    2022 Fellows Subscription

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    This program offers a deliberate and consistent approach to ongoing training and updating of skills for aesthetic gynecologic surgeons. New exclusive materials monthly - first access to all materials present and future. Access to Alinsod Institute forms/templates/handouts, and marketing resources.

  • Module S16 - Core Labiaplasty $4000

    19 videos  |   Rent $2,000

    This is a set of 19 Core Videos on labiaplasty. This module is both detailed and value priced. It provides an excellent entry point to learn labia minora and majoraplasty, as well as clitoral hood reduction. The Core lecture on Gynecologic Photography is also included as a bonus addition. The st...

  • Module S1 Labia Minoraplasty wClitoral Hood $7500

    35 videos  |   Rent $7,500

    This module focuses on the how to pick the right patient for Rim/Hybrid/Barbie labiaplasty and how to set up and perform each step of the surgeries. Tools and techniques are the focus. It is a very detailed set of PowerPoints and videos that is viewed in a systematic manner to reinforce materials...

  • Module S2 - Labia Majoraplasty - $7,500

    20 videos  |   Rent $7,500

    This module is specific for management of the “Camel Toes” in non-surgical and surgical manners. Dr. Alinsod invented and refined the Medial Curvilinear Labia Majoraplasty methods described and shown on the videos. He shows how to select the proper approach for each patient and demonstrates his t...

  • Module S3 - Clitoral Hood Reduction - $3500

    16 videos  |   Rent $3,500

    This module covers both the lateral and vertical clitoral hood reduction techniques Dr. Alinsod teaches in his courses. Multiple surgical cases are presented and special attention to markings, excision, and layered closure are demonstrated. Detailed description of each video are given. Certificat...

  • Module S4 - Perineoplasty - $4500

    10 videos  |   Rent $4,500

    This module specifically explains, illustrates, and shows details of perineoplasty surgery to improve both function and appearance of the perineal body. Removal of redundant perineal skin folds, repairs of childbirth lacerations, episiotomies, and scars are shown in both HD and 4K detail. A step-...

  • Module S5 - Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty - $8000

    23 videos  |   Rent $8,000

    This module is a much deeper dive that builds on Module S4 Perineoplasty. It is created for the gynecologist, urogynecologist, urologist, pelvic reconstructive surgeon. It shows how to identify the right patient for the more aggressive repairs deep in the pelvis by the ischial spines. It is ideal...

  • Module S6 - Hymenoplasty - $5500

    7 videos  |   Rent $5,500

    The controversial social issues dealing with the hymen are discussed in depth and the types of repairs are shown in both lecture PowerPoints, photos, and videos. Various techniques are covered including Dr. Alinsod’s “Pillar Technique” that he has taught for almost two decades. The Dr. Alinsod’s ...

  • Module S7 Botched Feathering Revision Surg - $3500

    17 videos  |   Rent $3,500

    This module covers how to manage labial surgeries that have not gone according to plan or have healed up in an unsatisfactory manner. Dr. Alinsod’s Feathering Technique are highlighted in multiple cases. The management of complications and how to avoid them are also discussed at length with numer...

  • Module S8 - Combination Labial Surgery $5000

    15 videos  |   Rent $5,000

    Once Modules S1 and S2 have been completed Module 8 brings it all together and shows numerous combination surgeries of both the labia minora, clitoral hood, and labia majora performed as a unified approach. Careful management of anesthesia, the modified markings, and the importance of proper sequ...

  • Module S9 Combination Labial/Vaginal Surgery $5000

    11 videos  |   Rent $5,000

    Once labiaplasty and vaginoplasty surgical skills are learned and mastered the surgeon will face complex cases needing advanced training and knowledge of surgical sequencing. Dangers and pitfalls are discussed along with training on how to ensure a unified approach that results in beautiful vulvo...

  • Module S10 - Labia Workshop - $25000

    76 videos  |   Rent $25,000

    This module includes Surgical Modules S1, S2, S3, S7, NS3, P, LW. It provides for 1 Day of onsite training with Dr. Alinsod in Laguna Beach, California.
    Labia Minoraplasty + Clitoral Hood (Module S1) - $7,500
    Includes All of External Anal Skin Tag Reduction Module S14

    1. Webinar: #1 Labiaplast...

  • Module S14 External Anal Skin Tag Reduction $1500

    3 videos  |   Rent $1,500

    External Anal Skin Tag Reduction- Certificate of Completion.
    External Anal Skin Tag Reduction (Module S14) - $1,500

    1. AIAVS Fellows Video 33, Live Narrated RF Feathering of External Anal Skin Tags, 38:39
    2. Surgical Videos Narrated: LNS7 Perineoplasty and Excision of External Anal Skin Tags, 51...

  • Module NS1 Synergy O-Shot and RF Training - $2500

    16 videos  |   Rent $2,500

    Intensive course for performing the O-Shot using both PRP and Amniotic Fluid. Also includes extensive training on the use of radiofrequency for gynecologic conditions as well as combination therapies using energy plus biologics. Provides for full certification with Dr. Charles Runels’ ACCMA organ...

  • Module NS2 Majora Filling /Vampire Wing Lift $2500

    9 videos  |   Rent $2,500

    Intensive course for performing both the Vampire Wing Lift for labia majora augmentation plus the Vampire Facial and Vampire Face Lift procedures to bring a youthful appearance to the face. PRP, Amniotic Fluid, and Hyaluronic Acid use will be covered for Lichen Sclerosis and Vulvar Vestibulitis.

  • Module NS3 Predictive Permeation Face &GYN $1000

    5 videos  |   Rent $1,000

    Predictive Permeation, formerly known as Dermoelectroporation, is a science that allows a device to open up the water channels of the skin to place both micro and macromolecules deep into the tissues. Dr. Alinsod pioneered it use for both gynecologic and aesthetic uses. He discusses and demonstra...

  • Module NS4 - All Access Non-Surgical $5000

    21 videos  |   Rent $5,000

    This Module gives full access to all Non-Surgical materials including licensure for the O-Shot and Vampire procedures. Includes Non-surgical Modules NS1, NS2, and NS3

  • External Anal Skin Tag Bundle

    2 videos  |   Rent $997

    AIAVS Fellows Video 33, Live Narrated RF Feathering of External Anal Skin Tags
    Management of External Anal Skin Tags with RF

  • Module P - Gynecologic Photography

    5 videos  |   Rent $1,000

    Success in an aesthetic gynecologic practice depends greatly on having superb photos of your work. You are only as good as your photography as the patient sees it. Dr. Alinsod shares his lifelong experience in photography in an easy to understand manner to enable you to integrate amazing and cons...

  • Module LW - Aesthetic Gyn Labial Workup

    4 videos  |   Rent $500

    Dr. Alinsod and his staff demonstrate how patients are welcomed to the office and are worked up for various aesthetic vaginal gynecologic procedures and surgeries. The forms used, the pre op and post op process, the detailed consents are discussed and shared.
    Aesthetic Gyn Workup Labial (Module...